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Leaf Pattern Design
Hello! On this page you'll find clips of performances and rehearsals to get a sense of how I sing and move on stage.


Nightmare Before Christmas quintet with Danny Elfman at the Hollywood Bowl October 2022. 

Part of Your World rehearsal with Koz at Sony Studios, for The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl in 2016. Sara Bareilles couldn't be there that day so our contractor called me up that morning, asking if I could step in for Rehearsal. Sure! 

A Covid recording of God Help the Outcasts for Joshua Turchin's The Early Night Show. Joshua played Flounder the second time we did The Little Mermaid in 2019. He created this show during the pandemic to raise funds for struggling, out-of-work stage actors. 

Another Covid recording of BGVs to This is Me, by Pasek and Paul. I self-recorded 14 tracks for roughly 6-8 parts. Thought this was interesting on its own, without lead vocals. 

Rehearsal clips of Poisonous Love by John Powell, from Rio 2 with the City Light Orchestra in Lucerne, Switzerland, Feb. 2023.

There's a bit of movement here, but it's more to show my mezzo range (which is comfortable, despite often singing soprano). Portraying Anaïs Nin in Cindy Shapiro's Anaïs: A Dance Opera, at the Avignon Theatre Festival.

Anais Floor.JPG

Movement (plus singing)

Orchestra Rehearsal from West Side Story in Helsinki. I blocked this chaotic I Feel Pretty myself. The director wanted the scene to be almost grotesque as I danced around the two corpses. I got to fulfill my bucket list wish of doing a cartwheel in a musical =)

Christian Marks Gibbs and me on our first day of learning Tony and Maria's waltz. 


They made me dance! Maria is not normally in America, but I was in this production. Rehearsal video from our first costumed rehearsal. Hard to see, but I start in the back row, right of center. 

GASTON! Beauty and the Beast at the Hollywood Bowl, 2018

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