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Aladdin-A musical Spectacular!

D23 2015, Anaheim and Tokyo

Jasmine, so sad. (Click the sad face to watch "To Be Free"!)

The Little Mermaid - Live! 

Voices of Liberty

(Click pic for one of my favorite VOL songs and one of my favorite silly moments @ 1:00!)

(It took some searching, but I found a video of myself singing the Candlelight Carol solo. Click to watch!)

Candlelight Processional 

Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular! Class of 2012 <3

Gettin' my E.T. photobomb on

D23 Tokyo Shenanigans (But let's be honest, you all wanted to sleep at 11pm)

With Disney Legend Jodi Benson, and my "Part of Your World" inspiration. Click to watch as I fill in for her during Rehearsal @ Sony!

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